Comfort car

‘Not having to be careful’ (with the items you own) must be one of the most under-appreciated comforts. From the shoes I bought (delicate suede) to the coffee table we chose (thin glass top), still too often I see myself base my choices on other more dominant comforts, like ‘cool’.

My friend Vasilis, perhaps the coolest cat I know, is very much aware of this as well. He has struck a wonderful balance between the two, making ‘not having to be careful’ as cool as it could ever be. I’m talking about his car:


What you see here is a classic Mercedes that is in solid structural condition, but which the car dealer had trouble getting off the lot because the paint was worn beyond belief. It took an appreciative mind like Vasilis’s to recognize its true value.

Instead of worrying about dents and scratches, Vasilis is so comfortable with his car that he lets his daughter create chalk paintings all over the body. She gets to do what all kids would want, but are never allowed.