Link dump, 1

Time for spring cleaning my bookmarks… Here are some recents publications which I enjoyed very much, but which didn’t make it into posts:

Neuroscience Essay by Robert Epstein. “Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer.”

Digital design A ‘crowd sourced music video’

Hyper-Reality, the video below (and an interview with the designer here):

Naturalness in design Patina Jesmonite vessels change colour over time. Great example of the 3rd stage of naturalness in design. The Lycurgus Cup, a 2,400 year old Roman glass cup, changes color when held up to light. Wonderful things can happens if you know your materials. The Unseen’s Air fashion accessories change colour in different climates. A ‘hackable office system’ that allows anyone to adapt spaces immediately without needing hardware to install it.

Architecture ‘A model’ seeks to create an architecture which reflects the dreams of many. The result is so-so but the thinking is interesting nonetheless. Curators and architects describe eloquently how the Seychelles architecture has been informed by ‘two waters’: the rain, and the sea.

Anything I should read?