You are a leaf on a tree that has been growing for billions of years.

Blown away by this video of Astrid Lundberg. This is something we should all realise; we are all one fruit that keeps on growing, directly connected to the mother fruit. Such a profound understanding, and one to remember when we fall into the dangerous habit of focusing on our differences. We are not different at all.

Here’s a transcript of the clip:

When was your mother born? OK, now go to, like, a week before that–that is how long you have existed as a egg cell. I have existed at least as an egg cell since 1963, because mammals are born with all of the egg cells they get.

You were a part of your mother’s body when your mother’s body was a part of your grandmother’s body. You are not distinct from all mankind. You are not distinct from the entire tree of life. People will be asking stuff like ‘scientifically, does life begin at conception?’ Scientifically, life doesn’t begin. Life on earth began exactly once, and since then it has not begun one single time. You are a leaf on a tree that has been growing for billions of years.

You are also not distinct from the planet Earth. Like, do you think these are your carbon atoms? Do you think these are your nitrogen atoms? You are borrowing them, and one day you’re going to have to give them back. You are a piece of a planet that got up and looked at stuff for a little while.

Hug a tree, call your mom.”

(Reminds me of Alan Watts , but Lundberg explains it so much more factually.)

We should teach this to all our children. I’m teaching mine.

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