We’re bad parents

I’m teaching my kids to be patient, kind, humble. The seven classic virtues, basically. Having these virtues is important because they help us make the right choices in life, and make sure we all get along.

But in my work, I promote the opposite.

BAD PARENTS teaching kids patie - maartenpkappert | ello

I make websites and apps that are optimized to let people be the ultimate spoiled child. All information can be found super fast, so they don’t have to be patient. The content is easy to swallow, so they don’t have to think things through. And it’s all personalised, so they don’t have to consider the existence of other people.

We’re breeding a generation of spoiled brats. Is that who we want to be? If virtues lead to us getting along, what do these behaviors lead to?

I’m beginning to understand that we have a responsibility. We don’t just create websites, we don’t just create experiences; we also create character.

This of course leads up to the question: Then what? What’s the alternative – make it shitty?