About this site

“If not this, then what?

As someone which a design mind I can’t help but look for ways to improve the world around us (and perhaps: inside us). This leads me to ask all kinds of questions, big and small, and on all levels.

Some of my favourite challenges:

When looking for answers, I find myself taking a radical approachradical as in: “getting to the root” of things. I seek to uncover root causes and original sources, as opposed to surface level explanations, ultimately to explain it simply and confidently.

I often find myself synthesising ideas and concepts from differents scientific domains, attempting to define strategies that help bring our world to the next level. Somehow this also often results in new models that aim to visualise my newfound insights.

I use this site to share these, mixed with small brainfarts and things I’ve found, all very much for the reason of getting your ideas in return. You can’t do me a bigger favour than commenting on these posts.