Pluralist Tower

Pluralist Tower (La Torre Pluralista) was proposed in 1988 by architect Gaetano Pesce for the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Images: Two sketches and a wooden model

From the architect:

[Architecture] should instead, like every other human expression, reflect reality and thus be able to avoid, especially in the most advanced countries, monolithic and totalitarian messages, on the contrary celebrating the freedom of individuals, their plurality, the difference of places, cultures and identities. In a nutshell: be an image of Democracy, which is not so much a guarantee of equality as a protection of differences. These are the premises that have made me introduce the “Pluralist Tower”.

He explains:

The design of the Pluralist Tower, on the contrary, is based on a different principle: superimposed territories equipped with the necessary services become platforms that may be bought by different owners who, with the help of other architects decide how to design the outer “skin” and the internal arrangement of every floor, with the result that a highly innovative building is created. The aggregate of the different architectural languages witness our time, its complexity, its diversity, its incoherent and heterogeneous nature, its multiple values, its energy. The tower would thus become the image of a political, pluralist, democratic architecture and a manifesto on the state of contemporary architecture.

And that’s how we like it!