Link dump, 2

Again, a series of items that I’ve enjoyed but have been too lazy to post.

Human nature Almost everyone who is unhappy with life is unhappy for the same reasons


Tony Zhou explores how a film editor does what she does: “How do you know when to cut?”

Architecture The Evidence Room presents “the worst crime ever committed by an architect”. A team of architects and academics has created a room of architectural evidence from Auschwitz that shows how the Nazi concentration camp was purposefully designed as a killing facility. Wow. Christine Murray outlines the defining characteristics of a “Notopia” – where cities suffer from a “pandemic of generic buildings have no connection to each other”

Education There’s a way to teach children without colonising their minds: the lifelong way of the indigenous people of Mexico

Web design Rediscovering Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines from 1987. The early Apple engineers clearly knew what they were dealing with. Your UI is your product’s humble compensation for not being telepathic, so says Morten Just

Betterment / Start-ups The Non-Monetizable Product Blind Spot (I haven’t signed up so only read the first bit – but that diagram feels spot on)


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